Gartner and Google Trends predict Cloud Computing..

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With the advent of Cloud Computing everything seems to be running on Cloud or Cloud enabled and everyone is offering some cloud service. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, HP, Dell etc.. .Every time you connect to the internet and use your email, share pictures, manage financial data or even use any web application, the fact is that you are using some form of cloud-based service. Everyone has a different definition and concept of what cloud computing is and the definitions are either too complex to understand or related more to its usage rather then what it actually is ! This also proves the fact that the cloud computing is still in its embryo stage with a lot of confusion and hype. Doing a basic search using Google Trend, search results worldwide shows a steady increase in the web search interest for the word “Cloud” from an index of 40 in 2005 to 100 in January 2013 while predicting a search index from 83 – 100 till 2014.

The Worldwide IT Spending is Forecast to Reach $3.7 Trillion in 2013, while cloud computing market to grow by over 100% and be a $207 billion industry by 2016.The numbers are casting all the charms, while also keeping in mind that in comparison the overall global IT market is forecast to grow at just 3%. Will Cloud Computing be the next big thing after the “Internet” ?

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  • Adrian


    This *IS* a next big thing… but its more of a power and control race.

    Nice article though !


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